Hair Poetry

Homage To My Hair

When I Feel

                                          Her Jump Up And Dance

                                        I Hear The Music, My God,

                                  I'm Talking About My Nappy Hair! 

                                    She Is A Challenge To Your Hand

                          Black Man, She Is As Tasty On Your Tongue

                                      As Good Greens, Black Man,

                               She Can Touch Your Mind With Her

                                       Electric Fingers And The

                                     Grayer She Do Get, My God, 

                                          The Blacker She Do Be!

- Lucille Clifton

Discovered by Langston Hughes, Lucille Clifton was the Poet Laureate of Maryland and a professor of Literature. She published a collection of poetry called Two-Headed Woman in 1980, which included the poem "Homage to My Hair."  This poem is about the strength and beauty in our African hair. 


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